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Lidiya Ivanova

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Lidiya’s passion lies in guiding individuals through transformative breathwork journeys, releasing the weight of the past, stuck emotions, and trauma, and building the confidence to shape the future they desire. Her coaching extends beyond the surface, delving into the core of each person’s unique experience.

At the heart of Lidiya’s offerings is the immersive 9D breathwork method. This cutting-edge experience elevates traditional breathwork, providing participants with a multidimensional journey that goes beyond the ordinary. Through this method, Lidiya creates a sacred space for exploration, healing, and personal growth.

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About 9D Breathwork

9D Breathwork is a groundbreaking approach to wellness and healing that leverages the most advanced aspects of Breathwork, enriched with a multi-dimensional sound experience. It incorporates a blend of binaural brain entrainment, isochronic brainwave tones, solfeggio frequencies, 432Hz harmonic tuning, somatic breathwork, subliminal hypnotic therapy, guided coaching, and bioacoustic sound effects. This powerful, carefully crafted combination offers a session of Breathwork and a transformative journey designed to impact you on multiple levels of your being.