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Leslie Heisler

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I am the owner of an athletic training facility and wellness center in the heart of Macomb County, Michigan. I am a licensed massage therapist and NASM CPT specializing in sports injury prehab/rehab, but also a yoga teacher-in training, Reiki Master, and 9D Breathwork facilitator. At our business we believe that fitness is not only physical, but spiritual and emotional as well.

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About 9D Breathwork

9D Breathwork is a groundbreaking approach to wellness and healing that leverages the most advanced aspects of Breathwork, enriched with a multi-dimensional sound experience. It incorporates a blend of binaural brain entrainment, isochronic brainwave tones, solfeggio frequencies, 432Hz harmonic tuning, somatic breathwork, subliminal hypnotic therapy, guided coaching, and bioacoustic sound effects. This powerful, carefully crafted combination offers a session of Breathwork and a transformative journey designed to impact you on multiple levels of your being.