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Crystal Alethia

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Crystal’s coaching is a true integration of bodymindbreath through Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, Integrative Health Coaching, Stress & Anxiety Management, Reiki and if clients are in the area they may experience the magic that happens during one of Crystal’s Holistic Facial Therapy & Attunement sessions.

Crystal ensures that everyone who walks into her life feels her heartfelt passion of service. She excels in making her clients feel truly supported in their journey towards feeling mentally & emotionally strong, joyous and fulfilled, balanced & resilient, attuned, compassionate and truly aware of their self through her Whole Person Approach to healing.

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About 9D Breathwork

9D Breathwork is a groundbreaking approach to wellness and healing that leverages the most advanced aspects of Breathwork, enriched with a multi-dimensional sound experience. It incorporates a blend of binaural brain entrainment, isochronic brainwave tones, solfeggio frequencies, 432Hz harmonic tuning, somatic breathwork, subliminal hypnotic therapy, guided coaching, and bioacoustic sound effects. This powerful, carefully crafted combination offers a session of Breathwork and a transformative journey designed to impact you on multiple levels of your being.